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WVD Tech Fest Quiz

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What are typical storage locations for FSLogix profiles in the WVD context?

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Which PowerShell command can be used to reset the Remote Desktop Client in case of issues?

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Which was the first Linux-based OS, supporting WVD connections natively?

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A community has been started dedicated to Windows Virtual Desktop to help EUC enthusiasts, partners or interested people to be updated! Did you know when the community has been founded exactly?

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Windows Virtual Desktop supports GPU-accelerated rendering and encoding for improved app performance! For some applications, this is a crucial implementation consideration.

Which VM type series on Azure can be used to equip VMs with the appropriate graphic power! Select all options that fit

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Application delivery is an important point in modern VDI landscapes! A feature called MSIX App Attach is proving that dynamic application assignment on a per-user basis is revolutionizing the overall dynamic of pooled environments. Which possibilities do you have to assign MSIX packages to users?

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How do you ensure that all your session hosts are updated, new software is carefully tested and that the latest group policy settings are applied as they should – Please provide the recommended Best Practice for WVD environments?

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Let’s start with an easy question! When was the public preview month for Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure? Select the right month / year combination!

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There are many ways to manage WVD landscapes! A lot of partners developed tools, to simplify the management dramatically! Presented at the first Microsoft Meets Community event, Marcel Meurer presented a free tool, which is called?

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While preparing your Golden Image for WVD you encounter an issue that your SYSPREP process failed! What are the first things to validate before, executing the sysprep process again? You can select one or multiple choices

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Which options allow you for the best printing end-user experience on Windows Virtual Desktop! We give you a tip, a partner solution will be presented today at the Tech Fest as well!

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Which scaling solutions for Windows Virtual Desktop are known to you to reduce the overall computing cost in your environment?

Please select one or multiple values!

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When following the Microsoft Documentation about scaling, which Azure components are required to get scaling up and running?

Please select one or multiple answers.

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Besides WVD, Microsoft Teams is the number one collaboration software of 2020. For that reason, the integration or possibility to run meetings via Teams in WVD sessions was one of the highlighted features that have been presented and that kickstarted deployments all over the world! What needs to be done, prior to install Microsoft Teams in the per-machine mode on a WVD Session Host or Golden Image?

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When establishing a connection to your WVD Session Host in a non-VPN scenario – which technology/functionalityis being used to connect and which port is it using?

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The depth-first load-balancing algorithm distributes sessions to session hosts based on the maximum session host limit, when talking about Host Pool load balancing.

What is the maximum Session limit, you could potentially configure in a WVD environment?

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We all love automation isn’t it? Do you know how many Automation dedicated sessions we have at the WVD Tech Fest 2021?

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